When the NFQHA Board of Advisors first met in 1995 to discuss how to define the National Foundation Quarter Horse they had the benefit of 55 years of Quarter Horse history to help guide them in their decisions. The Board relied heavily on this historical perspective in defining what a Foundation Quarter Horse is, and in structuring NFQHA’s Statement of Purpose, and Goals and Standards.

All Board members agreed that the unique characteristics which set the Foundation Quarter Horse apart from other equine breeds were: Versatility – Disposition – Athletic Ability and Agility – Sturdy Constitution – Sound Body with Good Bone & Foot – Natural Cow Sense – Blazing Burst of Early Speed – Intelligence – and a Willing, Trainable mind. In reviewing this list it was apparent that the National Foundation Quarter Horse should be defined by one word..…VERSATILE, and that all his attributes should contribute to that versatility.