Membership in NFQHA not only entitles the member to certify horses, purchase services at a discount  – but also shows your love and support of the true Foundation Quarter Horse.

One membership covers all family members living at the same address.

We invite you to join us in our 22nd year of promoting these fabulous horses.


1) In order to certify horses in NFQHA, the person or entity submitting the Certification application must be a current NFQHA Member in good standing.

2) In order to accommodate our members NFQHA does allow family members permanently living at a single address to be on one membership under the following conditions:

3) The membership shall be in a ranch, business, or family name and shall contain no more than 30 letters and spaces.

4) All horses Certified under that membership number shall have the owner’s name recorded on the NFQHA Certificate exactly as it appears on the AQHA papers or AQHA Lease Authorization Form, regardless of the ranch, business, or family name on the NFQHA membership. However: All NFQHA achievements and show records shall be recorded under the name of the NFQHA membership.

5) Falsifying an address in order to obtain NFQHA membership will result in suspension of all family members on the membership, and cancellation of all horses Certified under that membership.

6) At this time there is only one class of membership required, i.e. no youth, amateur, etc.

NOTE: Because only one household membership is required, all information shall be compiled, and published under the membership the horse is certified in. If a member desires another name (such as a youth or other family individual).  However, the NFQHA Certification of Registration shall reflect the owner’s name on the current AQHA papers.


Fees are subject to change without notice.
All fees are nonrefundable


  • Annual $ 30.00
  • Youth (under 18 – covers one youth only) 15.00
  • 3 years (save $10.00) 75.00
  • Life US 200.00
  • FREE: NFQHA decal
  • Services are for members only


  • Research/Certification Fee 2 years & older $ 30.00
  • Weanlings & Yearlings up to 12/31 of their yearling year 25.00
  • Every 6th horse submitted for research beginning 1-1-07 is FREE
  • Pre-purchase Research 30.00 for members
  • Transfer 10.00Non Member Research (does not include certification) 60.00


  • Reissue Lost or Damaged Certificate 10.00
  • Reissue Certificate due to Owner Changes 10.00
  • Eleven Generation Pedigree (33 pages) 12.00 by email only
  • Six Generation Pedigree 10.00