NFQHA has the highest standards in the nation for defining a Foundation Quarter Horse.  Our research is performed on the computer and every horse submitted is downloaded from AQHA, along with all gaps found in the pedigree in order to verify the pedigree back 11 generations.  Because of our unique custom computer program, and our methods and standards, we have the most accurate research available to validate Foundation Quarter Horse blood.

All research results are accompanied by a computer-generated Fact Sheet showing all the TB found in 11 generations, with the percentage each contributed, and what position they are in the pedigree (see pedigree chart).

11-Generation Pedigrees are also available at a minimal cost to back-up the research (33 6-generation pedigrees).  View Sample

Don’t forget, beginning 01/01/2007 every 6th horse you submit for research is FREE!


Thank you for your support of the Foundation Quarter Horse!