The National Foundation Quarter Horse Association’s goal is solely to promote and help perpetuate the Bulldog Type National Foundation Quarter Horse, best known for his Versatility.

NFQHA Philosophies

NFQHA is founded on the philosophy that the more Quarter Horse blood a horse carries, the more Quarter Horse traits it will exhibit. These traits include a high degree of intelligence, a calm, quiet, kind, and willing disposition; and a heavily muscled body with a low center of gravity, carried on sound bone and feet. NFQHA believes these mental and physical traits combine in the National Foundation Quarter Horse to form the world’s most Versatile horse.

NFQHA Principles

NFQHA has a commitment to its members to adhere in every way to the goals and philosophies that it is founded on, and will not deviate from those stated goals and philosophies. NFQHA will at all times promote the Versatility of the National Foundation Quarter Horse, and will not be part of promoting any events that do not further a using, doing, Versatile horse. NFQHA also has a commitment to its members to provide a show environment that promotes equality between exhibitors.

NFQHA Standards

NFQHA will provide standards in its research certification criteria, and standardization in its shows and show rules, to best showcase the unique and valuable Versatile attributes of the Bulldog Type National Foundation Quarter Horse, and provide a friendly show environment for its members.